gorillamobile yogi ipad stand 1

Sometimes it can be tiring to hold the iPad with our hands, especially for long periods when watching TV shows and movies. This is where the Gorillamobile Yogi comes in. It is a pair of bendable and flexible legs that can be attached to the iPad for use as a stand.

gorillamobile yogi ipad stand 2

gorillamobile yogi ipad stand 3

The Gorillamobile Yogi is pretty much the larger brother of the GorillaPod tripod series, featuring the recognizable stand structure that makes it bendable, flexible and able to stay in place after being manipulated.

Depending on how the legs are used, they can be used to make the iPad stand in portrait or landscape for viewing. Not only that, perhaps the most appealing feat it can perform is to make the iPad hang on to a bar or railing, allowing it to adapted to different surfaces and structures. All for the sake of giving your hands a break from carrying it all the time.

Product Features:

  • Flexible legs bend and curl into an infinite number of poses – stabilize the iPad on your lap and any uneven surface, or hang from fixtures
  • Adjustable viewing angle and diverse camera perspectives –
  • Position your iPad to frame the perfect shot when taking photos, shooting video or chatting on FaceTime
  • Modular clip design – quick-release clip with removable legs secures to the case in portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Legs can be stored separately to maximize case portability
  • Materials: Durable polycarbonate case, high-quality ABS plastic legs and TPE grips


The Gorillamobile Yogi iPad stand retails for $39 from Amazon.