goron cushion tablet holder combo 1

Sometimes it can be nice to lie down and relax on a bed while watching a nice movie or TV show. Doing that doesn’t require one to own a TV these days. All you need is a tablet PC and this unique-looking cushion and tablet holder combo.

goron cushion tablet holder combo 2

goron cushion tablet holder combo 3

This tablet cushion called ‘Goron’ is a multi-purpose cushion, with an integrated  tablet holder. This cushion is made up of parts, the cushion part where you can rest your head on and an adjustable swinging arm that allows a tablet PC to be attached to it as a hands-free holder.

With it, you’ll be able to lie down comfortable, and be able to look at the screen of the tablet comfortably.

However its usefulness doesn’t stop there, besides the lying-down configuration the Goron can also be used as a backrest for sitting up just by setting it up vertically and adjusting the arm accordingly.

This will be useful for times where you can enjoy a drink or snack while using the tablet.

Watch the video of the Goron tablet cushion in action below:



A cool cushion with integrated tablet holder that will be great for tablet users.

The Goron Tablet Cushion retails for 25,100 yen from Hamee.