greggs fried egg shaper 1

A breakfast with two sunny-side up eggs is common. So common it can look boring at times, but will still taste great. Here’s one cool fried egg shaper that will help to spice things up during breakfast.

greggs fried egg shaper 2

This egg shaper called Gregg’s Egg Shaper is a mold that shapes sunny side up eggs as they are being fried on a frypan. Simply crack the eggs each into the hole that makes up the eyes, and the yolks will stay in place while the whites fill up the rest of the mold.

After frying, you’ll get a face-shaped double sunny side up egg with the yolks as eyes, and feel free to decorate it with anything to complete the look.

A cool egg-frying gadget that will surely give a smile at breakfast.

The Gregg’s egg shaper retails for $15 from Monkey Business.