grid it organizer case 1

Having a lot of gadgets packed into a laptop bag can be quite messy at times, with gadgets and their chargers and cables all over the place. Even with cable organizers, the bag can stills gets bulky at the bottom thanks to gravity. Here’s one organizer case that you can use to secure your gadgets on without them clumping in a single spot in your bag.

grid it organizer case 2

The Grid-It organizer case is a flat case with crisscrossing woven elastic bands covering its surface. By inserting gadgets of different sizes between the elastic bands, you will be able to secure them and keep them in place. since the bands are made of an elastic material, they will be able to accommodate portable gadgets and laptop peripherals like wireless mice easily.

Not only does it make organization a breeze, with the gadgets secured and lined up on the case, the entire bunch of them can be arranged vertically in a bag. This will prevent gadgets from clumping at the bottom resulting in an unsightly bump at the bottom of the bag. This also makes it easy to grab the item you want from your bag easily instead of fishing around wasting precious seconds.

A clever design for an organizer case made for the tech geek on the go.

The Grid-It organizer case retails for $14.23 from Amazon.