grilled cheese toasting bags

It’s not very hard to prepare to grilled cheese sandwich when there’s the correct equipment around like a griller or toaster over, but if you’ve only got a pop-up toaster, then it’s almost impossible to make a grilled cheese sandwich with it.

Here’s one useful item that let’s you do the impossible, and that’s the toaster grilled cheese bag. It lets you put a cheese sandwich into it and right into the pop-up toaster. This not only toasts the sandwich on the outside, but also melts the cheese, binding everything together to create the effect of a grilled cheese sandwich. If you attempt to do that without the bag, you’ll surely make a huge mess and even have to dump the toaster away.

Not only can grilled cheese sandwich be made, other ingredients like meat can be added to create other tasty sandwiches.

A quick and convenient way to make grilled cheese sandwich in sliced bread toasters without making a huge mess.

The grilled cheese toasting bag comes in a pack of 3 and retails for $10 from Uncommon Goods.