grip coasters 1

Drink coasters are protective items that guard tables from being damaged by condensation dripping down the edge of a cool drink. Most of them are set on the table first with the drink set on top but not this one.

grip coasters 2

This is a coaster that comes with the ability to grip to the bottom of the cups, mugs, or wine glasses. It comes with 3 soft and flexible grip flaps that can conform to the sides of any drink, as long as it doesn’t exceed the diameter of the coaster.

With the grip coaster, there won’t be a need to worry about carefully placing the drink on the coaster every time after picking it up for a drink. That’ll be one less worry and a convenience as the coaster is stuck to the bottom of the drink all the time. When it isn’t needed, simply detach it from the bottom of the glass or cup for storage.

A useful design for a drink coaster perfect for day to day use.

The grip coasters retails for $14.95 from Amazon.