cute animal friend backpack planters

If you find that you don’t really have any space to grow plants indoors or find large plant pots too messy, here’s a bunch of animal planters that let you grow small plants right from a small cup.

These cute animal backpack planters are made of ceramic, and come with a shape that lets it hang on the rim of a glass or mug. The back of each animal carries a small amount of soil that is just enough for a small plant or herb to grow, such as clover or basil.

These animal backpack planters also come with a convenient self-watering feature. The tail of each animal is made of fabric, and can be lowered into the bottom of a glass that contains fresh water. The tail will then siphon the water from the bottom and keep the soil in the planters moisturized, so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to water the plants.

The animals come in three designs, where the cat grows wild strawberries, the dog is paired with clovers and the monkey grows basil. A nice little plant companion that will bring a nice spot of greenery to a living space or office. Just make sure to place it in a spot near a window where it can get plenty of sunshine during the day.

The cute animal friend backpack miniature planters retail for $12.99 each from Perpetual Kid.