hand crank rechargeable battery 1

We have seen eco-friendly battery concepts featured here from time to time, and here’s a similar concept by designer Qian Jiang involving the use of a rechargeable battery – and that’s a hand-crank rechargeable battery.

hand crank rechargeable battery 2hand crank rechargeable battery 3

The hand-crank battery concept involves the cranking of a rechargeable battery that has a hand crank built right into it that winds up a spring in the battery. This allows the battery to be recharged without using a battery charger powered off the grid from a wall socket. However, the battery design also allows it to be charged using the conventional method as well, which is definitely a convenient feature.

It’s a pretty decent idea for an eco-friendly rechargeable battery though the extra parts built into the battery takes up a considerable amount of space that would otherwise contain space for more battery capacity. On the other hand, the tradeoff is worthwhile for powering low-power gadgets like FM radios and handheld torches during camping and emergencies where there are no other sources of reliable electrical power available.