crop circle carpet by rachel lee 1 crop circle carpet by rachel lee 2

These are some cool-looking hand-made crop circle carpets by designer Rachel Lee. They are made to resemble crop circles that have been spotted around the world and often associated with extraterrestrial and paranormal activity.

For those who have been fascinated by the mysteries of paranormal and extraterrestrial activities, you should already know what crop circles are. Many mind-blowing crop circle patterns have been spotted in fields without any tangible reasons up till now and while many have tried to debunk their origin and purpose, there is no doubt that the beautiful and intriguing geometric designs displayed by crop circles still leave many in awe.

Each crop circle carpet comes with the following specs:

Product Size : 80cm(L)*50cm(W)
Product Material: Acrylic
Processing technique: weaving and jacquard weave by hand

To see more of Rachel’s creations, follow on to cropcirclecarpet on flickr.