handheld manual paper shredder 1

Paper shredders are useful for their security purposes and there are many around. However the bulk of them are mostly electrical, meaning that they are also usually big in size to house the electrical components. What if you only need a small paper shredder that you can use anywhere you want without the need for electrical power?

handheld manual paper shredder 2

Here’s a manual paper shredder that is not only small enough to carry around in a bag, it also does not need any electrical power for it to work. All it needs is for its handle to be cranked for it to work. This cylindrical mechanical shredder comes in a no-frills look and is designed to simply do it’s job.

The portable handheld manual shredder is able to handle the shredding of small pieces of paper like notes and checks or receipts. However obviously due to its compact size it will not be suitable for larger pieces of paper.

A useful handheld shredder that is practical and portable for carrying around.

The Muji handheld manual paper shredder retails for $10.50 from MoMA Store.