handheld wireless keyboard and mouse 1

Here’s a handheld wireless keyboard that not only lets one type but control the mouse pointer away from the PC. This wireless input peripheral moves the keyboard and mouse away from the table and right into our hands, which provides a new experience of using the PC compared to using the traditional wired keyboard and mouse since the early days of computing.

Apart from standard keyboard functions for typing, the mouse can be controlled by waving it in the air like an air mouse. The trigger buttons located at either corners act as left and right mouse clicks just like on a computer mouse.

As the wireless handheld keyboard comes with Bluetooth connectivity, it will provide ample coverage (<10m) suitable for a typical bedroom or living room setup.

handheld wireless keyboard and mouse 2.jpg

Besides the keyboard and mouse functions, it also allows one to connect common wired earphones and a microphone directly to the device without the need to find specialized wireless versions for Skype and Internet telephony. In addition, the wireless keyboard can be charged via USB either from the computer or from a USB-port enabled electrical adaptor.

Watch the video demonstrating the features of the handheld wireless keyboard and air mouse in action:



This is quite a good all-around wireless handheld keyboard that is not only good for media center setups but also for presentations. Available from Japanese retailer Sanwa Direct for 14,800 yen.