thanko handsfree umbrella 1

Here’s one umbrella that will always protect you form the rain no matter whether you have two  hands free, one hand free, or no hands free to hold an umbrella at all.

thanko handsfree umbrella 2

This handsfree umbrella is one that lets you attach it to different anchor points on your body, making hands unnecessary for holding an umbrella over your head.

The umbrella requires two fixed points along the body in order for it to work. The top attachment point makes use of a strap that connects to the shoulder strap of a haversack of a tote, while the lowest point comes as a clip for connecting to the hem of a pocket. With these two points secured, you can use the umbrella handsfree in rain or on a sunny day, while you stand in the envy of those who are juggling their umbrellas with other stuff in their hands.

A useful umbrella that will surely make things a little more convenient on wet days.

The handsfree umbrella retails for 3,180 yen from Thanko JP.