wrist strap on handy hook carrier 1

During peak hours while travelling on public transport like a bus or on the train, there is a pretty good chance of standing during the commute. When standing is involved, holding onto a handlebar helps to keep yourself steady during the journey.

wrist strap on handy hook carrier 2

wrist strap on handy hook carrier 3

Here’s one handy gadget, originally used for weightlifting but now it there’s another cool way to use it outside of the gym. It helps to relieve the soreness felt in the fingers after prolonged periods of gripping on the handlebar to steady yourself on the train. It can also be used for carrying heavy bags.

Made to strap onto a wrist, the hook extends up to the same length as your fingers in the gripping position. When used while supporting your weight while travelling or carrying a briefcase or bag, it helps to distribute part of the weight from your fingers to the wrist. By doing that, your fingers will be able to last longer without feeling sore. Even if you happen to lose your grip, the hook is still latched on the handle so you won’t lose your balance or drop your bag.

A clever idea for relieving soreness in your fingers when carrying heavy loads.

The gym wrist-strap on hook retails for 1,260 yen from Thanko JP.