ibottleopener iphone bottle opening case

At times when you need to get yourself a nice cold one to relieve yourself from the stress of everyday life, this creative-looking and handy iPhone bottle opening case will surely be a handy tool to carry in your pocket.

Forget about other bottle opener keychains and similar one-off gadgets because we know that stuff made for the iPhone is bound to be fun, cool and exciting. The fact that this bottle opening gadget is built into an iPhone’s case also means that it’ll always be available within an arm’s reach whenever the job needs to be done.

When a bottle needs to be opened at a party, you’ll surely be appreciated and noticed if you offer to open it with your iPhone bottle opening case. Surely a great impression-maker if you want to be known as the ‘techie one who’s always carrying cool gadgets in their pants’.

The iBottleopener iPhone bottle opening case is available at $19.95 for the iPhone 3G/3GS with the iPhone 4 version available soon.