handyshell hanging ipad 2 stand 1

Here’s one case for the iPad 2 that serves not only as protection from scratches, dust and dirt but also serves as a stand. However the usefulness does not end there. Aside from being able to prop your iPad 2 up in portrait or landscape mode, the ring-pull shaped attachment that comes with this HandyShell iPad 2 case can also be used for hanging the iPad 2 on any surface that comes with a strong hook.

handyshell hanging ipad 2 stand 2

With the hanging attachment on the case, the iPad 2 can then be hanged in the bathroom, the bedroom or kitchen for watching movies or cooking shows. Certainly one multipurpose case that will also enable one to multitask without having to hold the iPad all the time; leaving one’s hands free for multitasking.

Even if you do wish to hold the iPad in your hand, the ring will also help you to hold the iPad more securely by allowing the ring to loop around your fingers compared to the conventional way of dangerously balancing it on the surface of your palm.

The HandyShell hanging iPad 2 case is made of plastic material and retails for $40.15 from Amazon.