hard disk drive iphone 4/4S case

Hard disk drives are the primary storage medium for computers and laptop computers. We almost never get to see them outside of the computers they are supposed to sit within, but here’s one iPhone casing that makes it look like you’re carrying around a hard disk drive.

The hard drive iPhone case is a casing made of ABS plastic that goes on the back of the iPhone 4/4S. The design on the case is made specially to look like what one would see from the top of a hard disk. When it goes on the back of the iPhone, it makes the entire mobile phone look like a hard disk.

Why would someone go around carrying and talking to a hard disk? Well, that will surely get a nice conversation started when you tell them that it’s just a casing for your iPhone.

An interesting and novel-looking iPhone casing that will surely appeal to DIY computer enthusiasts.

The hard disk drive iPhone 4/4S case retails for $12.99 from Perpetual Kid.