hatsune miku gunpla mod with keyboard

Japanese Figma and Gundam models featuring anime and manga characters have always been a hot favorite for fans in Japan around the world. However in this series of videos, an ambitious but creative modder has decided to play with our minds by turning vocaloid Hatsune Miku and K-On’s Tsumugi into androids through the process of mashing them up with Gundam models!

 hatsune miku gunpla mod k-on tsumugi gunpla mod

It’s not everyday that a cute character such as Miku or Tsumugi get their limbs replaced with mobile suit parts and also, the good thing is that both mods don’t look anywhere awful either. In fact they look rather cute in a special way as you can see in the videos below.


Making of Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Gunpla Mod



Making of K-On Tsumugi Gunpla Mod


The result of the mash-ups look pretty cool, considering the difference in scale between the figma and Gundam models as they can’t actually merge due to their size in the anime world; and that’s where this modder comes in to provide an interesting and unique angle in his own creative style.