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Need an absolutely cute case for your iPhone 4? Here’s one iPhone 4 case, for times when cuteness is valued over convenience. An iPhone case that comes in the form a Hello Kitty plush toy.

hello kitty plush iphone case 2

hello kitty plush iphone case 3hello kitty plush iphone case 4

This oversized iPhone 4 case has been made just like a plush toy, and in this case the famous cartoon kitty made famous in Japan. The difference it has over a pure plush toy is that it has a pocketed compartment at the back that lets you place your iPhone into for protection and for use just like an iPhone casing.

Apart from the cuteness it gives to the iPhone, it does seem to provide quite a bit of protection from drops and bumps, provided the mobile phone happens to drop the correct way, which is soft-side first.

In addition, the plush toy looks pretty warm as well, so during a cold day it can help to trap some warmth for comfort while chatting on the phone.

The Hello Kitty plush iPhone case is compatible with the iPhone 4 and 4S models and retails for $29.99 from Amazon.