herbsicle frozen herb container and dispenser 1

One of the ways to keep herbs fresh for a long time is to freeze them, but finding a good way to store them in a frozen state and then separating them later for cooking can be quite a hassle.

herbsicle frozen herb container and dispenser 2

Here’s one nifty gadget called the Herbsicle that lets you store herbs for freezing and storage. Not only is it good for taming the herbs by keeping them in a compact form, it also doubles up as a dispenser to release the right amount of herbs as you need for cooking.

The Herbsicle consists of a container and a know that acts as an adjustable lid. All you need to do is to place the herbs into it with the lid on one end and screw the knob down to compress the herbs. After this is done, the herbs will be ready for freezing. Any time when the herb Is needed, simply take it out from frozen storage, remove the lid twist the knob to push out a section to be grated and used directly in a recipe. When you’re done, pop the lid back on and put it back into the freezer.

A cool kitchen gadgets that ensures you always have fresh frozen herbs to use all the time.

The Herbsicle frozen herb container and dispenser retails for $7.99 from Amazon.