hidden pencil notebook

A notebook is basically useless if you do not have anything to write on it with. However, most simple notebooks do not come with a pencil holder so there are times you may forget to bring along writing materials along with it.

Here’s one notebook that comes with a pencil holder. It lets you carry a pencil together with the notebook in a very unique way. On the face of the notebook is an image of a bunch of pencils arranged neatly in the row. Right in the middle is a void that matches exactly the size of a pencil. Simply stick a pencil right in there to use it as a holder, and with that you complete the picture with an actual pencil.

The good thing is that in the package, the exact pencil is included, so you are able to magically take the pencil out of the notebook just to wow your friends.

A clever notebook that comes with a interesting yet useful pencil holder.

The hidden pencil notebook retails for $14.99 from Vat19.