hide and seek hello kitty iphone case 1

Here’s one iPhone case made for Hello Kitty fans. This is a Hello Kitty-themed case that is pretty unique looking and will surely stand out from many iPhone cases seen today.

hide and seek hello kitty iphone case 2

hide and seek hello kitty iphone case 3

This iPhone case made for the iPhone 4/4S models features Hello Kitty peeking from behind the phone, in a hide-and-seek fashion. Seen from the back, you can clearly see how Hello Kitty is standing, trying to hide her body while trying to peek out to the front.

This action is more commonly known as “chira” in Japanese, and is more or less the way someone acts when trying to sneak a peek at someone they admire secretly from a distance.

A playful-looking and cute iPhone casing that can help to convey such a feeling when given as a gift.

The ‘Hide and Seek’ Hello Kitty iPhone case is available in two colors, white, and black and retails for $62 from GeekStuff4U.