Imagine having a Sharp Aquos LCD TV display on your handphone. Now stop. That’s what you’re going to get with the Sharp SH-920 handphone.

Sharp SH 920 Aquos 1

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Sharp SH 920 Aquos 2

The phone’s screen measures to 3.2″ and displays 26 million colours at a resolution of 480×854. The biggest feature of the phone besides the high definition screen is the One-Seg tuner, also supported by the PSP Slim and Lite that allows the receiving of digital tv broadcasts.

What you get with the handphone is a clear and crisp image quality from digital broadcasts, as the screen is made with the same technology as the LCD screens found on Sharp’s Aquos line of TV sets. In addition, the screen is coated with a reinforced glass coating that makes the screen visible even in bright sunlight.

Standard features include a 3.2MP camera, HSDPA, infrared and GSM support. The phone will be available in five colors gold, silver, black, light blue and pink. Too bad it will only be available in Japan. Sharp’s handphones have never made it to our shores although I would want to own one after watching too many actors and actresses using them in J-dramas.

via Newlaunches