home-made super mario block shelf 1

Blocks are pretty much of a staple of Super Mario games. Sometimes they exist as a place to get to a higher spot, sometimes they obstruct, and sometimes they come with a question mark and contain a hidden surprise.

home-made super mario block shelf 2

Here’s a set of blocks, not in a Mario game, but a set made to look just like a trio commonly seen in the game. While they may also provide a spot for a house pet to climb on, the real functionality of it is to work as a shelf. The two blocks on the side work as open shelves, while the middle one marked with a question mark is able to hold anything behind its hinged door, true to the spirit of the game.

One game-themed shelf that when, paired with Super Mario themed wall decals, will surely turn a wall into one that resembles a stage from Super Mario.

The cool home-made Super Mario block shelf retails for $69 from Etsy.