homekite hand crank indoor kite 1

Commonly, kites are made for flying outdoors, where there is a strong wind that can keep your kite gliding in mid-air. Here’s one kite that does not need a strong outdoor wind to fly, but instead you have to use some elbow grease in order to keep it flying.

homekite hand crank indoor kite 2

Called the Homekite from Japanese toy-maker TakaraTomy, this is a kite that can flow indoors, but it works more like a helicopter with spinning motors. What’s different is that it does not draw power from batteries. Instead it uses electrical power that is generated from cranking up the handle all the way on the other side of the cord which also tethers and keep it from flying off, just like how a kite string works.

Watch the video of the HomeKite in action below:



An interesting kite that is not only eco-friendly but educational as well.

The Homekite retails for $53 from Japan Trend Shop.