homework table by tomas kral 1

Tables are usually flat and square around the sides, but here’s one table that gives you just that big of storage space. It comes with a 3-sided sink design around three of it sides, which makes clearing away clutter from the table to do work a cinch.

homework table by tomas kral 2

homework table by tomas kral 3

The Homework Table by Tomas Kral comes surrounded with a depression that resembles a rack. It allows for stuff like books to be placed all around, making them easier to see at a glance for retrieval and also easier to put away very quickly when the main tabletop needs to be cleared to do work.

Having a storage area like this sure makes it useful for books of various subjects to be classified. Simply put those books you hate out of reach and your favorite books closer.

A clever twist to the design of the classic table.