honkawa 2 leather keyboard 1

Computer keyboards come in many shapes and sizes, but more often than not they come with a plastic finish that makes them look pretty much similar to each other.

honkawa 2 leather keyboard 2

honkawa 2 leather keyboard 3

Here’s one keyboard from Japan that doesn’t come with a plastic finish on its keycaps and exterior casing like other computer keyboards. Instead of plastic, luxurious-looking leather is used to cover its keycaps and casing. Not only does it make a computer keyboard look unique, it gives it a more expensive feel as well.

Apart from the prominent leather finishing, the keyboard also comes with embossed keycaps that display the letter or number for the particular key, which looks sleek compared to one that comes with generic ink-printed keycaps.

One computer keyboard that is sure to give a luxurious look to a desktop computer system.

The Honkawa 2 leather keyboard retails for 25,200 yen from Atelier Wazakura.