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You’ll be familiar with the action of cupping your palm near your ear to hear better by reducing noise and also to direct the sound into your ears from the direction you want. This is what one will need to do when this Bluetooth enabled smart watch, called the HOT Watch goes into production starting off as a Kickstarter project.

hot watch bluetooth smartphone companion 2

The HOT Watch is a wearable smartphone companion that is to worn on the wrist like a wristwatch. When it is paired to a smartphone in a pocket or bag, it will be able to perform some useful calling functions and use apps without having to take your smartphone out.

hot watch bluetooth smartphone companion 3 

With it, you’ll be able to pick up the phone and answer the phone call with your hand. With the directional speaker located near the wrist, users only needs to cup their hands to direct the caller’s voice towards their ears to hear the call. To speak, simply place your mouth near the same spot and it will pick up your voice to facilitate a phone call.

Watch the video of the HOT Watch bluetooth smart watch in action below:



Besides phone calls, it can also be used for messaging purposes, time functions, for accessing maps and weather information. The gesture function will make it very useful and convenient in situations where holding a smartphone on one hand and trying to interact with it using the finger of an another hand can be inconvenient or downright dangerous.

A cool smartphone Bluetooth enabled smart watch companion that will be great for techies and also those who access lots of information on the go.

More information on the HOT Watch on its Kickstarter page.