hourglass salt shaker 1

Here’s an interesting-looking salt shaker that doesn’t come in the usual salt shaker container. It comes in the shape of an hourglass.

hourglass salt shaker 2

This hourglass salt shaker is one salt shaker that is made in the shape of an hourglass, with a narrow body. Just like an hourglass, it comes with a transparent casing that lets one observe the contents, in this case which is salt, falling through the narrow gap from the top to bottom.

When you need to use salt for flavoring food, simply flip it upside down. Instead of falling together in a big lump, the design allows the salt to fall slowly while you give it a little shake to release the salt onto food. Unfortunately it can’t be used for accurate time-keeping, since the amount of salt reduces every time it is used.

A cool-looking kitchen gadget that not only provides stimulation of the taste buds but also visually.

The hourglass salt shaker retails for $16.99 from Animi Causa.