house-shaped tea infuser with caddy 1

Here’s one tea infuser that looks a little different in design from common tea infusers – a house-shaped tea infuser.

house-shaped tea infuser with caddy 2

This is a tea infuser that is made of stainless steel. Unlike many that usually come in a sphere shape, this one is made into the shape of a house. To place tea leaves into the infuser, lift the lid open, put the tea in and close it, then immerse it into a cup of water and you’ll get a nice cup of tea to enjoy at any time of the day. The infuser also comes with a caddy that will be able to hold the infuser after brewing is done.

A unique-looking tea infuser that will be suitable as a gift to someone who works with houses.

The house shaped tea infuser retails for $4.65 from Amazon.