It’s not that simple to measure and describe the level of your online social networking status to others. Is it measured by post counts, number of friends in your Friendster or Facebook profile or the number of contacts in your MSN list? The simplest way may be just to show people the number of social networking sites you are actively involved in — and no, not by messaging them the whole list. You do this by walking around in this “Are You Social” T-shirt.

Are You Social Web 2.0 T-Shirt

You may recognise some of the more popular networks such as Facebook, Flickr, Youtube and Digg. They are all part of the revolution of Web 2.0 social networks.

All you need to do is to tick the networks that you are active in on the shirt, and voila! You and everyone else will be able to gauge how involved you are in social networks. You could even organise a gathering making everyone wear this shirt too, that will be the ultimate geek way of displaying your social status in cyberspace to everyone else.

Product Page via datenform