If you think you have a failing hard drive after you started noticing weird sounds being emitted from it, then you could be right. However, is there a way to be absolutely sure that the hard drive has succumbed to a mechanical failure?

Thankfully, a website has collected a good amount of failing hard disk drive noises for people to match to the sounds they hear, and they are categorized by popular brands such as WD, Seagate, Maxtor and also between laptop and desktop hard disk drives together with a detailed description of the problem.

hard drive sounds 1

hard drive sounds 2

First of all, the company that owns the website deals with data recovery services, therefore it’s quite useful for their customers or would-be customers to be able identify which of their hard drives are failing in order to initiate corrective procedures to ensure that their important data will remain intact.

This is a pretty good free service as it not only brings in good traffic for the website, but also provides exposure for the other services it provides.

That aside, if you do notice that there are unusual noises coming out of your hard disks or if you would like to find out how hard disks mechanical faults sound like, you may want to head on to this website and check it out for yourself.