prevent a soda can from erupting 1

How many times have you unknowingly popped open a pressurized can of soda, only to get hit by a eruption of fizz and liquid coming out of the can’s opening? Here’s one way to help prevent that from ever happening, and it all has to do with science.

prevent a soda can from erupting 2

By tapping the sides of the can thoroughly before opening, it will dislodge the bubbles that stick at the nucleation points along the inner-wall of the soda can and prevent the bubbles from expanding, thus saving you from an embarrassing accident at the moment when you open the can.

Watch the video of the scientific explanation of this tip with demonstration below:



A nice little anti-trick to learn. Especially if someone who is known to come up with mischievous acts tries to be nice and hands you an innocent-looking can of soda. Now you know what to do, simply apply this technique and enjoy your canned beverage without a hitch.