retro television pillow 1

TV shows have a power that makes people stay glued to it for long periods of time. Back in the days of retro TVs, they were so big that it is almost impossible to watch TV while lying in bed. However, now you can literally hug a retro TV and bring it right in your bed.

retro television pillow 2

This retro television, while it isn’t a real working TV, is a pillow made to look like a retro TV. Since it’s a pillow you can use it for relaxing or resting in the bed on the couch. Now with the addition of a huggable TV, besides offering you entertainment it will offer you physical comfort in another way.

While the retro TV has given way to portable media players and large flat-screen TVs of today, they probably still take up a small little spot in the hearts of older TV-addicts.

A cool-looking TV-themed pillow that will be perfect for a couch potato.

The retro television pillow retails for $15.25 from Amazon.