hug doug spoon saver 1

Putting a spoon or ladle directly on the kitchen countertop is not always a hygienic thing to do. Besides looking for a separate plate or bowl for putting it in, using this gadget called the Hug Doug will make it a more space-saving option.

hug doug spoon saver 2

The Hug Doug is a spoon-holding kitchen gadget made to look like a little buddy. Its two hands are made so that it fits the handle of a ladle and make it look like he is holding on to it and trying his best to lift the it up, preventing the head from touching the surface of a table or countertop.

In addition, it can also be placed at the side of the pot, where he keeps the ladle in place so that it doesn’t slide into the pot. It is made of silicone, therefore it is heat resistant enough to stay in the heat without being damaged.

A cute and useful kitchen gadget that is space-saving.

The Hug Doug spoon saver ladle rest retails for $13.99 from Animi Causa.