real life mario kart hybrid choro q racing toy set

Mario Kart happens to be one of the most popular games in the Mario series and now it has jumped out of TV screens to real life with the Hybrid Choro Q Mario Kart Wii VS2. These live action Mario Kart toy racers are made to be played just like in-game and also serve as physical toys for fans.

real life mario kart toy power-ups

With a basic set of two controllers, race track and two karts, players can set up a game of Mario Kart without having to fire up their Nintendo Wii console at all. To spice things up, the toy set also comes with sound effects and special power-ups that affect the performance of the racing cars during the race session.

real life mario kart racing controller

Using the controller, each player is able to obtain different power-ups such as the star which grants invincibility for a period of time or a banana which can disable a rival car coming from behind. For this to work, the karts are fitted with infrared sensors to detect and fire signals either in front or at the back of each vehicle.

Definitely an enjoyment for Mario Kart fans to be able to play their favorite game in real life. Each Mario Kart racing toy set retails for 5,460 yen at Amazon Japan.