i-helicopter iphone controlled rc helicopter 1

The iPhone smartphone can do many things, as everyone already knows. How about controlling a radio-controlled toy helicopter? That’s no problem at all with this line of RC helicopters from Japan called the i-Helicopter.

i-helicopter iphone controlled rc helicopter 2

i-helicopter iphone controlled rc helicopter 3

The i-Helicopter from Iosys Japan retails at a price ranging from 5000-6000 yen comes with an add-on for the iPhone or iPod touch. When the hardware is coupled with the free app available from Apple’s iTunes store the whole system is complete for flying this RC helicopter.

Watch the video of the iPhone controlled RC helicopter, i-Helicopter in action:



The interface as seen on the app looks quite easy understand as expected with apps made for the iOS, however flying a RC helicopter still takes quite a bit of practice and skill to get the i-Helicopter to take flight in perfection. One cool toy for fans of RC helicopters who own iPhones.