ibath mobile application shower curtain 1

Love the applications on the smartphone you can’t bear to leave them even when you go to the shower? Here’s one application screen that can be placed right in the shower, no matter how damp it may be.

ibath mobile application shower curtain 2

This is in fact a shower curtain aptly called the iBath. A shower curtain that looks just like the screen of a smartphone full of application icons. At first glance they may look like mobile apps but a closer look you’ll find that the apps are actually real life events. Though you can’t launch them in the way you can with a smartphone, just by looking at the shower curtain the labelled icons will still be able remind you of stuff to do on your to-do list.

An interesting shower curtain perfect for the techie smartphone geek. The iBath mobile application shower curtain retails for $24 from Urban Outfitters.