iboo earphone jack accessory 1

Having trouble finding your phone in the dark? Here’s one earphone jack accessory that comes in the form of a cute ghost. Not only does he look cute draped in white sheets in the day, but will also glow at night so you can find your mobile phone easily without feeling around and possibly causing your phone to drop from the table in the process.

iboo earphone jack accessory 2

iboo earphone jack accessory 3

The earphone jack accessory has become very common nowadays, since earphone jacks are found on most smartphones today. However, there are a number of them that do not come with anti-dust plugs or caps that prevent moisture or dust getting into the earphone ports.

Not only does this iBoo earphone earphone plug work by keeping off dirt and dust off, it also will serve as a nice glowing companion to an otherwise plain looking smartphone or portable media player.

More info on iBoo glow-in-the-dark earphone jack accessory at Molla Space’s product webpage.