ice ball mold 1 

When we think of ice especially those that get dunked in our drinks on a hot summer day, they usually come in cubes from nothing more than ordinary ice trays. However, this set of ice makers is sure to make ice look even cooler.

 ice ball mold 2

These steampunk-looking aluminum contraptions from Japan don’t really look like ice makers but they are in fact ice-molds that allow you shape an ice block into something absolutely cool in seconds, like a cute mini soccer ball or snowflake.


First the mold has to be briefly heated before a piece of ice is inserted into the device. After a little melting and compression, out comes a piece of molded ice that will make drinks look even better for guests at a party. Four shapes are available for the 30mm versions: ice ball, snow flake, molecule and soccer ball. Prices range from $9-$20 per set at Japan Trend Shop. If you want to get the large 65mm soccer ball version, it goes for $1,704.


  • Ice ball-creator, ideal for both bars and home-use
  • Creates spheres of ice which melt slowly, keeping drinks cool
  • Made of aluminum
  • Creates 30-40 ice balls per hour
  • Versions: ice ball sphere, snow flake, soccer ball, molecule
  • Size of ice: 30mm
  • Soccer ball ALSO available in 65mm version
  • 30mm molds come with white ice cube blocks
  • 65mm soccer ball mold comes with larger blue ice-maker blocks x2