ice blended coffee usb drive 1

On a hot day, a nice and refreshing drink for caffeine lovers has to be an ice blended coffee. Just like how a refreshing drink keeps you going for the rest of the day, this ice blended coffee USB drive also keeps your work going, allowing data portability between different computers by acting as a USB drive for memory storage.

ice-blended-coffee-usb-drive 2

The only way anyone can tell it is actually a USB drive is by removing its chocolate covered whipped cream top to reveal the removable microSD card within. Apart from that, it looks just as nice as any other food-related decoration you might have lying around. The downside is that it will always make one crave for a nice and delicious cup of ice-blended coffee for the entire day, as long as it’s sitting on the desk.

The ice blended coffee USB drive comes with 4GB worth of memory as a microSD card with USB compatibility via a pop-out USB drive. Available at Amazon for $54.99.