ice cream maker ball

Most of the time making homemade ice cream involves using a somewhat sophisticated electrical powered ice cream maker or a big ice cream making kit, but this is one ice cream maker ball that makes it all seem like a breeze.

The ice cream maker ball comes with two ends, where one end requires you to add the ice cream mix and on the other end a mixture of ice and rock salt as the freezing medium. What comes next is a 20-minute shaking session and your homemade ice cream is done and ready for eating.

20 minutes of shaking sounds like quite a bit of work but I guess it’s a small tradeoff for some tasty homemade ice cream. Besides, it can probably be placed in the car during a bumpy car trip so no work needs to be done at all! The ice cream maker ball makes over half a liter of ice cream each time and goes for $29.95 at Latest Buy.