icrayon capacitive stylus 1

Crayons are meant to be used on paper. Here’s one crayon that can be used on the display screen of a smartphone. This crayon stylus doesn’t come with a staining pigment and won’t make the screen of a smartphone dirty, unlike a real crayon.

icrayon capacitive stylus 2

icrayon capacitive stylus 3

This stylus, called the iCrayon is made to look like the crayon we may have used as a child. It’s not for drawing on paper but for use as a stylus on capacitive touchscreens of smartphones or tablets. It sure looks much cooler using the colorful iCrayon stylus compared to using a slim one that comes in a overly common color like cold steel or black. The soft squishy tip that it comes with will not leave ugly scratches or damage the touchscreen.

The cute iCrayon capacitive stylus retails for $7.60 from Amazon.