icube app icon ice cube tray

App icons are the kind of things we see all the time in our smartphones. Here’s one ice tray that comes looking like a smartphone and makes ice that look just like app icons.

The iCube is an ice tray that comes in a design that looks like a white smartphone. In the middle of it is where you make ice in, and each of them is able to make an ice cube molded in the shape of an app icon. While the ice tray or ice cubes are not capable of launching your mobile applications, they will still do a good job of cooling down liquids for a refreshing thirst quencher or relaxing drink.

An interesting ice cube tray that makes cool-looking ice cubes that techies will like. Also good for making jello or chocolate.

The iCube ice tray makes 12 ice cubes per tray and retails for $8.99 from Perpetual Kid.