Here’s an iPhone charger which makes use of renewable energy which is not solar power. The iFan is an iPhone wind charger that comes with a mini turbine that spins and charges the iPhone whenever there is wind passing through it.

This interesting idea by 3D designer Tjeerd Veenhoven allows the iPhone to be charged at the beach, on the mountains, driving with the windows up and even during cycling; basically anywhere that has wind.

By using wind power over solar it can be more effective than having to stick with solar charging in specific places as we all know the sun can be blocked by clouds and sets in the evening. Not only that, unlike charging stuff in the sun, the device doesn’t get hot but gets cooled by the breeze during charging instead.

The claim from its designer is that it takes just six hours to fully charge an iPhone which is pretty decent if there is no direct access to an electrical outlet. Owning a wind-powered iPhone charger will surely elevate that geek status over your solar-loving peers.

I think a nice upgrade to the design will be to add a solar panel somewhere and turn it into a hybrid charging device which will improve the efficiency of the charger even further.