ihandbag iphone casing 1

Turn your iPhone instantly into a chic-looking handbag with the this cool iHandbag iPhone casing. While it’s still not yet a buyable product, this cool handbag-shaped iPhone case by Korean designer Jin-wong Koo of ‘Nothing Design Group’ sure does make the iPhone look more stylish than it already is on its own.

ihandbag iphone casing 2

With the display screen facing front, perhaps a nice display picture can be displayed while it is being carried to add to a get-up. Or maybe it can be carried by models while walking on a catwalk. Unlike the bag or pouch-type casing, the iHandbag’s most striking feature is that the iPhone still maintains its look as a handbag as there is no need to remove the phone from the casing in order to use it.

Even with the screen facing outwards, with a screen protector that’s pretty much mandatory for the iPhone there’ll be absolutely nothing to worry about.

ihandbag iphone casing 3

Not only does the iHandbag come with ability to hold the iPhone, stuff like credit cards and business cards can also fit inside for convenience. The good thing is that it’s definitely possible to come up with many custom designs for iPhone cases like this so there will always be one that’ll fit the occasion.

A trendy and creative twist to the conventional design of the common iPhone casing.