ihome smartband pouch for ipad

If you carry along accessories for the iPad or iPad2 such as earphones, stylus or a charging cable you will need a place to store these somewhere close to the iPad. Here’s a little accessory that slips over the iPad Smart Cover and provides a place for storing accessories.

The iHome SmartBand is a slim zippered pouch that fits over the width of the iPad. With a zippered pouch, accessories such as a stylus or earphones can be kept in place and retrieved easily. A nice touch is that within the pouch is a couple of buttons specially spaced apart that can be used for winding up earphones to prevent them from tangling up in storage.

Giving your iPad accessories a place for storage with a pouch like this will reduce the chances of misplacing them.

A nice little handy pouch useful for carrying the iPad and its accessories with one hand.

The iHome SmartBand retails for $18.57 from Amazon.