ikemen-bank 1

This is one money-bank that will help girls save their money with the reward of virtual love. The Ikemen bank is a moneybox with a virtual boyfriend within. What he needs is a constant supply of money to keep in touch and deepen the love between.

ikemen-bank 2

Whenever a coin is inserted, the virtual lover boy will whisper sweet nothings to nobody but you. However if you fail to deposit money on a regular basis, lover boy will go away after five days leaving nothing behind but a goodbye note. Talk about being materialistic!

ikemen-bank 3

However, if you persevere and continue to save until you reach 50 thousand yen, a happy ending will be played completing the entire love story with that particular guy.


Ikemen Bank

There are five guys to choose from so if you play through all of them, that’s a whopping 250 thousand yen! Which by then you can probably get a lover boy for real.