To most of us, walking and running are the most important coordination skills we learnt as toddlers. However performing this task by replicating the muscle movement on the keyboard seems almost impossible, as I have been trying to do so in the past 15 minutes with this game. Darn!

qwop athletics game

Basically what you need to do is use the QWOP keys to move the athlete’s thighs and calves individually to make him move. Sounds simple? Wait till you try it out for yourself. The game even puts up a greater challenge for those that actually manage to excel at running (or by persistent crawling) with hurdles at the 50m mark and a long jump at the 100m. Good luck completing this game!

If you have been fumbling around like me, do not fret as we are not alone.

This guy actually completed the game, although he is not actually doing a running style:

This video basically sums up what’s happening to everyone playing the game:

Here’s someone who actually hit the 65m mark with a pretty fluid running motion:

This person actually completed the full 100 metres although he didn’t really clear the hurdle and jump properly:

If you really have no time to spend and have a never give up attitude, then this game would most probably NOT BE SUITABLE for you.

Play the game here.