imusic waterproof mp3 player

We’ve looked into many different types of waterproof music players before, such as speakers that come with waterproof capsules that can hold MP3 players within them and also music players that float in bathtubs. One of the more simple ways to listen to music tunes while having a shower without fear of damaging a media player is surely to get one that has been made waterproof in the first place instead of trying to find a waterproof container for an existing one, which can be said of this iMusic waterproof MP3 player.

The waterproof music player is able to play MP3 songs from its single waterproof speaker located right in the middle of the MP3 player. The control buttons are located above the speaker which allows for convenient access for playback and volume controls.

Being shaped just like a bottle of soap of lotion, it will never look out of place when it sits alongside real bottles of shower foam and shampoo in the bathroom. It even comes with a slit at the top so it can be hanged closer to the user’s ears to achieve a better sound playback amidst the noise generated by water coming out from the shower faucet.

The iMusic waterproof MP3 player comes with 2GB worth of memory capacity and is powered by 3 AAA batteries. Available at Prezzybox for £29.95.