in betwixt modular storage shelf 1

Here’s a cool concept by Jiyoung Seo that allows one to customize their shelf in any way they want. The In Betwixt modular shelf comes as a base with blocks that can either be attached onto the base or removed from it to create spaces.

in betwixt modular storage shelf 2

Using the creativity of the user, different designs can be produced simply by arranging the spots where the blocks should and should not be, therefore allowing differently sized items to fit depending on personal preference while allowing flexibility for the position of stored items. The blocks themselves can also light up when touched and the number can be customized as well, providing the optimal amount of illumination as and when needed.

Certainly a cool customizable modular shelf concept perfect for a modern home or office. It can look like a decoration on its own but also comes as a functional and usable storage space.